The Support Fund

As many of you will have seen, we have recently set up a Pay It Square page to fundraise for a Support Fund. We have said a little bit on the page and on Facebook as to what this Support Fund is for but we wanted to explain in more detail why The Lwazi Programme needs more than just the fees sponsorship to function properly.

The main function of the Support Fund is to ensure we can stick to our promise of seeing each of our sponsored children through their basic education if their sponsors for some reason pull out. While our sponsors do commit we know that life changes and sometimes unforeseen circumstances may mean they cannot continue to sponsor their child. We want to be in a position where we can easily take on the responsibility either for the duration of their education left or until another sponsor comes forward.

As children finish primary school and secondary school they need to sit their O-levels and A-levels respectively. They have to register and pay a significant amount for each exam they want to sit. We cannot expect the sponsors to pay this for the child they are sponsoring as well as their fees and so want to be able to cover these costs at the end of each year. Without passing these exams, the children cannot progress onto secondary or further education.

We also want to ensure we can visit the schools once or twice a year to maintain our relationship of trust with the village, the children, and the Headmasters to keep the programme functioning in an accountable and conscientious manner.

We will be doing a number of fundraising events each year to contribute to this fund (which we hope to keep at a minimum of £1000 as a safety net). This year the TLP team are already organising a cake sale at Leeds University, contemplating a first marathon, and even asking people to donate for birthdays instead of presents. We’ll keep you posted about these as they happen.

Feel free to get involved! Whether you’re up for doing some crazy challenge, having a dinner party or cake sale, or organising something at work, do think about doing it for us! Another easy and great way of raising money is to collect up all the random change you find lying around over the course of a few months. It all adds up. See another blog on this idea here.



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